Type 1 MOT

Available as a quarried or recycled material; Quarried Type 1 is pure granite or limestone. Recycled Type 1 is a recycled sub base made from a range of materials such as concrete, bricks and rail ballast; a great alternative to quarried type 1. Both materials are easily compacted. Ideal for hard standing, haul roads and sub bases.


Crushed concrete, brick and mortar produced as a by-product. Used as a sub base for roads, buildings and back fill. Ideal for hard standing and sub bases.

Clean Aggregate (75/40mm)

Crushed material which is screened to removed fines for drainage fill and soak aways. Ideal for drainage layers, hard standing, sub bases.

Concrete Fines

Composed of crushed concrete, brick and mortar produced as a by-product of demolition projects. Used as a back fill. Ideal for general back fill.

Pipe Bedding (40mm - down)

Made from crushed concrete, brick and reclaimed gravel. When crushed this material is screened to remove dusts and fines to create a high quality drainage aggregate. Ideal for base aggregate and pipe bedding.

10/20mm gravel

A mixture of rounded and angular gravel washed. Used mainly for drainage for colour is not an issue. Ideal for drainage, footpaths and hard landscaping.

Road Planings

Produced by a cold milling machine. Road planings are not suitable as backfill for drainage trenches due to high fines content. Ideal for hard standings, sub-bases, farm tracks etc.


When distributed across the road it has a distinctive appearance promoting the visibility of safe roads. Ideal for driveways, footpaths and car parks.


A mixture of sand and gravel to create a coarse aggregate. Not suitable for drainage due to high fines content. Ideal for concreting.

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